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Author Topic: Frequently Asked Questions regarding our ink solutions! (FAQ)  (Read 9600 times)

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« on: June 24, 2010, 11:06:10 PM »

Continuous Ink System & Refillable Cartridges
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the continuous ink supply system (or CIS, CISS, continuous ink flow system, bulk ink system)?

The continuous ink supply system is designed as a cost effective and economical way of replacing ink cartridges. The system feeds ink directly into the printers cartridges through ink lines, without the use of messy needles and ink bottles. After proper installation, the continuous ink system will produce high quality prints and will last up to 5 times longer than standard ink cartridges.  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR INK TANK RESERVOIRS AT THE SAME LEVEL AS YOUR PRINTER.  Ideally, they should be side-by-side with your printer on the same surface.

What is a refillable cartridge?

A refillable cartridge is a printer cartridge that can be refilled once it runs out of ink. This will save you money because you will not need to constantly buy expensive new cartridges and is also better for our environment. Typically, there should be a 'air vent' and a 'refill hole'.  The 'air vent' has to be exposed in order for the ink to flow.  You can easily refill a cartridge by directly injecting with ink through the refill hole.
Why won't my printer recognize the refillable cartridges?

Refillable cartridges MUST BE USED AS A SET. They are not designed to be used in conjunction with original cartridges. The chips may also be dirty, causing recognition issues.  You can clean the face of the chips with a napkin and rubbing alcohol.   

I received my CIS and I see air bubbles inside the tubes, is this normal?

Yes. It is perfectly normal to see air bubbles inside the tubes. This will NOT affect the performance in any way as long as the amount of air bubbles visible is minimal. If there appears to be approximately more than 50% of air within the ink tubes, you may need to prime your cartridges to    properly fill the tubes with ink.  If you want to purge the air out of the system, you can try following the steps in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIq1QBWOkuw.

My printer cannot recognize the cartridges. How can I fix this?

This is a common error that can be caused by dirty chips, which can be cleaned by wiping the face of the chips with a napkin and rubbing alcohol, or your ink level on your ink status monitor went down to zero.  Majority of printers have an 'internal page counter' that keeps track of the pages you print and lowers the ink levels as you print more.  This doesn't keep track of the physical amount of ink you have but attempts to estimate it.  Once your ink levels reach to zero, you will encounter this error.  To fix this error, you can try to turn off your printer (also try unplugging it as well), wait 30 seconds and restart it.  If you still encounter this message, initialize your printer's “ink installation” procedure and re-install all the cartridges.  This will reset the ink levels and trick your printer to think that you have installed new cartridges.  You may also need to push down firmly on the side where the chips are located to ensure that they are making full contact with the printer.  Repeat if necessary.

The ink is leaking on the paper or printer.

Remove the cartridges right away.  Thoroughly inspect the interior of your printer. Also, make sure your ink tanks are located side-by-side with the printer by resting them on the same surface. The leak is usually caused by when the ink tank is placed higher than the printer or if the nozzle of the cartridge securely in place.  Clean the printer carriage by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol and a napkin.  Push the carriage side to side and wipe down any excess ink inside of the printer.  Then reinstall the cartridges back in and monitor it over the next couple hours to see if you can isolate the leak so you know where it is coming from. 

PLEASE NOTE:  For our customers located in high elevations, pressure can be built up when cartridges or CIS units are being shipped from lower elevation to higher elevation.  This build up of pressure can cause ink to push out when you install your cartridges.  You must release this pressure before proceeding with your installation.  You can release this pressure by exposing the 'air vent' on refillable cartridges or removing the 'refill plug' off of the CIS unit.  If you are printing images onto general paper, you will need to use photo-grade paper to absorb the ink being printed out.

The ink cannot flow into the cartridges.

For CIS systems, please inspect your ink tanks to ensure the air filters are inserted properly and in place.  On one side of the air filer is a cylinder thicker than the other;  and that side is inserted into the back hole of the ink tanks.  Please make sure the ink tanks are placed at the same height level as the printer.  This is VERY important. If the ink tanks are placed lower then they will not be able to feed the cartridges. 

For Refillable Cartridges, make sure your air vent is exposed by removing either the plug or tape associated with it. 

The printer is able to recognize the cartridges, but the computer cannot. Why?

Please re-install the original printer software to fix this problem.

I get an error message saying the cartridges are empty, even though they're not. How can I fix this?

A printer adjusts the ink levels based on the number of pages printed.  When the printer reads it as empty, simply follow the on-screen “ink    cartridge replacement” guide and remove the indicated cartridge. Wait a few seconds and re-insert the same cartridge.  This will trick the printer into thinking that you're putting in a new cartridge. It will read it as full again.

When should I refill the ink tanks?

You can refill the ink tanks whenever you please. The most common time is    when the ink tanks have only about a quarter inch of ink left in them.    Anything below that, you risk running your cartridges dry and damaging your printer-head. 

My prints come out blurry and dis-colored. How can I fix this?

Do a nozzle check, head cleaning and alignment.  Check to make sure the printer-head is not clogged. Clean off any dust and excess build up on the printer-head.

Are the chips already installed on a Canon CIS?

Some CIS for Canon printers already have chips installed on them.  If the title of your desired item does not contain the words “with chips”, then the    product will require chips from your Canon cartridges in order to be utilized properly.  You will need to carefully remove them from your OEM cartridges and attach them to the CIS cartridges.  Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

I sent back an item for a refund, when will it be processed?

We generally take about up to  7 business days to process refunds and exchanges once we receive your return.  You will be notified via e-mail once it has been processed.  Please keep your receipt of delivery and the tracking number    attributed to your package for proof of delivery.  Packages sent but without a tracking number attached to them cannot be refunded if ability to provide proof of delivery cannot be provided.

I've sent several e-mails and have not received a response. Why?

We try our best to respond to all of our e-mails within 1-2 business days.  If you didn't get a response, please make sure to check your Spam or Junk e-mail folder or clean up your e-mail so you can free up space for our response.

Once I place an order, how long will it take to receive it?

We ship from Southern California by either USPS or UPS.  Delivery time depends on your location and shipping method. USPS Priority takes about 3-4 (business) days to the east coast, 2-3 days for the mid-   west and 1-2 days on the west coast.  UPS Ground is a little slower at 4-6 (business) days to the east, 3-5 days in the mid-west and 1-3 days on the west coast.  We are not responsible for any packages delayed by the shipper. 

I placed an order over the weekend and it still has not shipped yet. Why?
We close off processing and shipping of all orders at 2p.m., Friday afternoon, and will not ship out any orders until we resume business the following Monday.  If you place an order over the weekend and selected an expedited shipping service, please contact us by e-mailing sales@cisinks.com and referencing your order number so that we could get it out as soon as possible.

My problem isn't listed here!

Please contact us by sending an inquiry from our main page to us.  Include the last 5 digits of your order number (located underneath your billing information), the issue you're experiencing, and any phone contact information if necessary.  If you are going to e-mail us a picture, please make sure the file is small so we can upload it easier.  Remember, we're always here to help!  Wink


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« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 01:27:30 AM »

I just installed the Continuous Ink Supply System for the Epson Workforce 310 - At first it did not recognize the cartridges - After following your instruction - "Ink installation" - It Work Like A Charm...
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« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2014, 07:57:13 PM »

I would not recomend the cis system mine leaks and hose always has air in the tubes. I bought on 9/1 and ink levels are between 20 to about 40% ink left. And really did not print more than 50 or so pages and they had horizontal lines in pictures and huge ink spots on paper. It's works for most likely but not for me very messy.
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« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2014, 10:56:08 PM »


What is the printer model that you are using 8Bit? I know that you are a pretty avid user in CISS and am just attempting to see what system it was that you purchased.

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