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Author Topic: Artisan 850 "runs dry" occasionally  (Read 4297 times)

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« on: September 06, 2011, 02:42:02 PM »

I've had my CISS system on my Epson Artisan 850 for several months now, and it has worked flawlessly up until a couple weeks ago.  Even though my tanks are well over 1/2 full, the printer suddenly ran out of light magenta ink.  I was printing a batch of photos and around the 20th photo, the "clogged head" lines appeared in the picture.  I tried MANY cleaning cycles but it did not fix the problem.  I checked for kinks in the tubing and found none.  I removed and checked the ink cartridges and they all had lots of ink in them.  Just in case, I added extra ink to the light magenta cartridge, completely filling it, then ran more cleaning cycles.  It did not fix the problem.  I thought maybe the air check valves on the tanks were plugged, but they were opening freely when I sucked on the tank end of each (after carefully wiping away any ink) Wink.  After messing around pulling the tanks in and out a few more times, the problem cleared up, and the nozzel check came out perfect.  A few days later, the light magenta AND the Cyan stopped working.  More cleanings did not help.  In trying to sort out the problem, I went out and bought a new set of factory fresh Epson tanks  Sad.  I installed them, ran a cleaning cycle and a nozzel check and all is well.

What could be wrong with the CISS system/cartridges that would cause this sudden loss of a color?  Are the cartridges not seating far enough so that the check valve in the bottom is not being opened?  I am positive that I am seating the cartridges all the way.  They "click" in place and the printer recognizes them.

Help ! !  I don't want to keep buying $14 cartridges.
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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2011, 06:00:20 PM »

Try these following steps.  Please note that too many head cleanings during a printer troubleshooting session can actually be counter-productive.

1)  Take the cartridges out and locate the little 'spikes' inside the printer carriage that 'poke' into the bottom of the cartridges and draw ink from them.
2)  Take a napkin with a little bit of rubbing alcohol in it and 'wipe down' the spikes, focusing on the color that isn't coming out.  Try not to get rubbing alcohol into the 'spikes'
3)  Reinsert the cartridges back in.
4)  Print one nozzle check; find out which color isnít coming out.
5)  Do one head cleaning.
6)  Repeat step 4 and compare it with the first nozzle check.
7)  If it looks the same, do one more head cleaning.
7)  Let the printer sit for 4-5 hours so the color can fill up on the print head. 
8 )  Finally print this test page located at this URL


You will be able to print out after this, but if the color is coming out streaky, then step away from the printer for 4-5 hours to allow the printhead to soak up the ink.  Then repeat these steps again.

If you still are encountering problems, please email us your order number and contact number so we can give you a call to troubleshoot you further.  sales@cisinks.com
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